Dimensional-nanopatterned Piezoresistive Silicon Microcantilever for Environmental Sensing

Microcantilevers are the most simplified Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) based devices. Resonant piezoresistive silicon microcantilevers (PMCs) coated with sensitive materials, especially the PMCs patterned with sensing nanostructures of large surface-area which work as analytical systems, offer great opportunity for the development and mass production of extremely sensitive sensors for real time in situ detecting of many chemical and explosive gases, at room temperature. In this chapter, we introduce the figure of merit of PMCs-based gas sensors, regarding to their operation modes, signal transduction methods and on-line tracking techniques. The dimensional nanopatterning of PMCs using different strategies, such as bottom-up methods, top-down methods and the combination of both are furtherly and extensively presented and discussed. Examples of recent gas sensor applications using PMCs which are fabricated with nanopatterning on the basis of these aforementioned techniques are given in detail.


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