Development of a signal generator for a modular cantilever measurement setup : Bachelorarbeit

Institut für Halbleitertechnik
Mao, Xinli

At the Institute for Semiconductor Technology of TU Braunschweig, resonant microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors are developed for particle, gas and surface measurement technology. [8][9][10] They are based on silicon cantilevers with integrated piezoresistive measuring electronics. With these sensors, the shift in the resonance frequency is evaluated. The resonance frequency is measured using a phase locked loop (PLL). In previous work, phase locked loop (PLL) circuits were already developed, but they showed  deficits in terms of their speed, accuracy and flexibility. Therefore, the signal generator of a new modular measuring system is to be developed in this thesis. This paper uses direct digital synthesizer (DDS) technology to develop a signal generator. The advantages of DDS are continuous phase conversion, fast frequency conversion speed, high frequency resolution, low phase noise, high frequency stability, easy control, etc. DDS technology is widely used in signal generators, communication systems and other fields. At the same time, MCUs (microcontrollers) have strong data processing capabilities and control capabilities, and are widely used in electronic equipment. This paper  introduces a design method of a signal generator, to generate high-quality FM signals.


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