Initial Weight Estimation of Twin Fuselage Configuration in Aircraft Conceptual Design

The Ultra High Aspect Ratio Wing (UHARW) concept can improve the aircraft 's aerodynamic efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. T he Twin Fuselage (TF) configuration is one of the most promising concepts for the UHARW design to reduce the wing bending moments and shear forces. This paper presents the development of a semi empirical method for the weight estimation of TF aircraft in the initial sizing stage. A physics based wing weight estimation method is improved for higher aerodynamic analysis f idelity and composite materials, which is used in the design of experiments and the results are applied for regression analysis to establish a semi empirical method. Eventually, the established semi empirical weigh t estimation method is integrated into a TF aircraft conceptual design and performance analysis framework and a mid range TF aircraft and a long range TF aircraft are designed and sized to illustrate its application and efficiency in rapidly estimating th e TF aircraft weight breakdown.


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