Assessment of economic, thermal and hydraulic performances a corrugated helical heat exchanger filled with non-Newtonian nanofluid

Improved heat transfer efficiency with considering economic analysis in heating systems is an interesting topic for researchers and scientists in recent years. This research investigates the heat transfer rate (HTR) and flow of non-Newtonian water-Carboxyl methyl cellulose (CMC) based Al2O3 nanofluid in a helical heat exchanger equipped with common and novel turbulators using two-phase model. The requirements for dimensions and cost reduction and also energy saving in thermal systems are the main goal of this study. According to gained results usage of corrugated channel in helical heat exchanger has a considerable influence on thermal and hydraulic performance evaluation criteria (THPEC) index of helical heat exchanger and can improve the THPEC index. Thus, Re = 5000 is obtained as an optimum value, in which the maximum THPEC value is achieved. As it is found in this paper, in case of using novel heat exchanger instead of the basic smooth system, the thermal properties (by considering Nusselt number) increases about 210%, the hydraulic performance (friction factor) reduces about 28%, performance evaluation criteria index increases about 57% and the material consumption (in case of similar THPEC) decreases about 31%. In another word, with considering economic analysis for the basic and novel system which has same efficiencies, the novel one has lower length and consequently 31% lower material.


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