A middleware protocol for time-critical wireless communication of large data samples

We present a middleware-based protocol that reliably synchronizes large samples consisting of multiple frames efficiently and within application level QoS requirements over a lossy wireless channel. The protocol uses a custom retransmission scheme, exploiting the latency requirements on sample level for
frame level scheduling. It can be integrated into the popular DDS middleware. We investigate some technical limits of such a protocol and compare it to existing error protocols in the software stack and in the wireless protocol and combinations thereof. The comparison is based on an Omnet++ simulation using an established wireless channel error model. For evaluation, we take
a use case from automated valet parking where infrastructure data provided via a wireless link augments in-vehicle sensor data. The use case respects the related safety requirements. Results show that the application awareness of the presented protocol, significantly improves service availability by transmitting data efficiently in time even under higher frame error rates.


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