5. International Symposium "Re-Water Braunschweig", 02. - 03.11.2015 : Integrated Concepts ; Conference Proceedings

The 5th International Symposium “RE-WATER Braunschweig” focuses on "Integrated
concepts". Integrated concepts for water and wastewater management involve not only
technical aspects of wastewater reuse, but the merging of diverse areas such as
governance, health risks, legal regulation and public acceptance as well as other
aspects of water policy. The implementation of integrated water and wastewater
projects will result in the long-term sustainability of our water supplies. However, the
above mentioned complex connections have equal influence on both the benefits and
challenges of water reuse. Challenges experienced by water reuse projects may
include the demand for innovative technologies, technology transfer and
implementation of novel applications as well as the need for public education and
increased public acceptance.
This symposium will deal with integrated planning and evaluation of water structures in
settlement areas to be able to find a better balance between human needs and
ecological necessities in the water sector. Furthermore the use of novel wastewater
collection and cleaning systems will be presented. A special focus is put on the reuse of
treated wastewater as a promising strategy to relieve water shortages and to protect
natural resources. International examples for industrial and agricultural reuse of treated
wastewater will be given. Hygienic aspects and nutrient recycling play an important role
especially in the area of agricultural reuse. Therefore, topics such as micropollutants,
disinfection and nutrient recovery will be discussed.
The symposium is organised by the “Stadtentwässerung Braunschweig GmbH”.
Cooperation partners are the Institute of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering of the
TU Braunschweig, the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water and the
“Abwasserverband Braunschweig”. Further information and a detailed timetable under


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