Parametric models analysed with linear maps

Parametric entities appear in many contexts, be it in optimisation, control, modelling of random quantities, or uncertainty quantification. These are all fields where reduced order models (ROMs) have a place to alleviate the computational burden. Assuming that the parametric entity takes values in a linear space, we show how is is associated to a linear map or operator. This provides a general point of view on how to consider and analyse different representations of such entities. Analysis of the associated linear map in turn connects such representations with reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and affine-/linear-representations in terms of tensor products. A generalised correlation operator is defined through the associated linear map, and its spectral analysis helps to shed light on the approximation properties of ROMs. This point of view thus unifies many such representations under a functional analytic roof, leading to a deeper understanding and making them available for appropriate analysis.


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