Design and Experimental Characterization of an Actuation System for Flow Control of an Internally Blown Coanda Flap

Wierach, Peter; Petersen, Jan;
Institute of Adaptronics and Function Integration, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Sinapius, Michael

The focus of the work is on the evaluation, development and integration of a robust actuator system for three-dimensional flow control of a blown Coanda flap to improve the high lift system of commercial aircraft. As part of the research work presented, the system is integrated into a wind tunnel model in order to influence the flow across the entire width of the model. The system developed is based on individual bending transducers that can vary the height of the blowing slot dynamically. The system is divided into 33 segments and is therefore able to implement static and dynamic actuation along the wing-span (3D-actuation). All segments can be controlled independently and thus offer great optimization potential for an effective flow control. Different configurations were developed and evaluated against each other with respect to the demanding requirements (small installation space, frequency range from 5 Hz to 300 Hz, 1 bar pressure, 0.4 mm deflection, 1 m span). The design of the blown flap has been specified in an iterative design process. In the final configuration, all mechanical components are reduced to the bare minimum for weight reduction reasons, in order to meet the dynamic requirements of the wind tunnel model. To characterize the lip segments, a test device has been designed that can be pressurized to generate aerodynamic loads on the lip segments. Finally, 33 lip segments were integrated into a wind tunnel model and tested intensively as part of a measurement campaign. The first aerodynamic results show an increase in lift of up to ∆Ca = 0.57. These aerodynamic gains are achieved at amplitudes that do not require the lip segments to completely close or open the blowing slot, which shows the advantage of the current lip design that enables activation with independently controlled stationary and unsteady components.


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