PGX Technology : Novel tailor-made and tuneable Delivery Systems for poorly water-soluble Bioactives

The delivery of poorly water-soluble bioactives, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and nutraceutical components is of great interest for existing drugs and new drug developments, cosmetic formulations, functional foods and nutraceuticals. This article presents a novel patented technology called PGX Technology, which utilizes pressurized gas expanded (PGX) liquids to dry, micronize, purify and functionalize water-soluble polymers. PGX Technology can generate open-porous nanostructured polymer carriers composed of one or several water-soluble polymers forming powders, granules, nano-fibrils, aerogels and exfoliated nano-composites with specific surface areas (SSA) ranging from tens to several hundred m2/g. Such mesoporous water-soluble carrier systems can be impregnated with a bioactive by means of adsorptive precipitation, utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide, leading to the uniform deposition of nano-scale particles (<120 nm) throughout the porous matrix, forming a bioactive-polymer complex, for example coenzyme Q10 on β-glucan (CoQ10-iBG). A nano-dispersion of CoQ10 is formed when such CoQ10-iBG complex is dissolved in water, which is stable over 6 months at room temperature. The bioavailability of the CoQ10-iBG complex tested in rats compared favorably with a positive control (CoQ10 in triolein) and a commercial CoQ10-cyclodextrin complex.


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