Microgrippers to handle Organoids and pancreatic Islets for Precision Measurements of biological Function

The model of the cultured single cell is considered insufficient to explain the physiological regulation taking place at the organ level. The same is true for the prediction of drug action at the organ level or at the level of the intact organism. For these reasons 3D cell culture models are in increasing demand. It is thus necessary to develop the instruments to handle such cell aggregates and organoids in a controlled, precise and gentle manner. Here, a microgripper is presented which is able to work in aqueous solutions and which is compatible with electrophysiological recordings of the cells immobilized by it. It was successfully employed to position isolated pancreatic islets and a 3D cell culture model of insulin-secreting cells, the so-called MIN6-pseudoislet. As required it was possible to measure the membrane potential of cells within these aggregates without any interference from the microgripper.


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