Two new Pandanus frogs (Guibemantis: Mantellidae: Anura) from northern Madagascar

We describe two new frog species of the genus Guibemantis Dubois, 1992 (Mantellidae) from northern Madagascar. Both species are placed in the subgenus Pandanusicola Glaw & Vences, 1994 and, like most of their relatives, appear to only inhabit the leaf axils of Pandanus plants. Guibemantis albomaculatus sp. nov. is distinguished from other closely related species by light colored dorsolateral stripes and abundant small white spots found on its flanks and limbs. Guibemantis woosteri sp. nov. also has light-colored dorsolateral stripes and small white spots, but differs by having strongly banded forelimbs and a reddish coloration around the eye orbits. Mitochondrial DNA sequences corroborate the identity of these two new species, which appear to be regional endemics in northern and north-eastern Madagascar, respectively. These descriptions bring the species count in Pandanusicola to thirteen


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