A Ground-Truth Dataset for the Validation of Traffic Demand Estimation

The paper provides two complete sets of data that can be used in estimating and validating traffic demand in a real motorway network in the urban area of Duisburg, Germany. The first set contains real data collected for a field study. The second set is gathered from a simulation model of the same motorway network to verify the results of the field study. Each dataset contains five files; (A): local detector data collected by inductive loops, and (B): trajectories of vehicles which were reconstructed from floating car data (FCD), (C) two network elements files (D): section detector data recorded by automatic number-plate recognition devices (ANPR). All data is processed, analyzed and aggregated if necessary. The processed dataset is presented in tables in separate CSV files. Additionally, the road network, to which all traffic data refers, is extracted from OpenStreetMap (OSM) and documented in a json file.


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