Proceedings of the 3rd KuVS/GI Expert Talk on Localization

Localization is a key technology in the eld of medical, industrial and logistics applications, thus many applications will benet from indoor localization. For instance, persons moving within an industrial security area are protected to enter a restricted area by triggering an alarm and shutting down hazardous machinery. In medical applications, emergency personnel is able to nd injured persons much easier when the position is known. An application scenario in logistics is the localization of goods and equipment so that the ow of the production processes can be monitored and optimized. Although there is a huge research interest, there is no perfect solution for all the use cases in indoor localization scenarios. There is a variety of approaches and systems available by applying dierent technologies, e.g. optical, received signal strength, time of ight, etc. Each approach incorporates its own strengths and weaknesses. The 3rd Expert Talk on Localization oers researchers a platform to discuss recent results of their work and share opinions with each other. This year's expert talk brings together researchers from academia and industry and oers a broad range of contributions in this challenging area including complete localization systems and demonstrations. The program covers ultra-wideband radio-based approaches, as well as received signal strength for indoor localization and the emerging eld of machine learning and its application in localization.



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