Zum Vorkommen von Datura stramonium L. im östlichen Niedersachsen sowie in angrenzenden Gebieten

Datura stramonium is seen as a naturalised neophyte scattered in warm and dry areas. It is seen as a run wild ornamental plant having a relatively long lasting seed bank in the soil. While Datura stramonium appeared in former times only occasionally it becomes more and more frequent in Braunschweig and its surroundings. This is why its growing places are investigated and documented. The main focal points of its actual appearance are large road construction zones within settlements and also in the landscape. The only explanation is that the sandy soils which are mostly used contain seed of Datura stramonium. Although this stands are opulent they disappear after one vegetation period because Datura needs open areas with sufficient warming up of the soil to germinate. In the areas of inland harbours of the Elbe Datura stramonium was found 15 years more frequent. However it can be assumed that this will decrease due to changes in the transport of goods. In cities (e.g. Berlin, Halle, Hitzacker, Magdeburg or Wolfsburg) Datura stramonium is obviously sown which is supported because it is easy to get seed via the internet. Therefore it cannot be excluded that garden waste and compost is an origin for the spreading of this species. Further focal points are Easter fire places (origin garden waste) as well as sometimes but large on root crop acres (sugar beets and potatoes). In some cases this may be due to polluted seeds.


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