Vergleichende Vegetationsuntersuchungen von konventionell und ökologisch bewirtschafteten Weinbergen in Unterfranken

The research on weed vegetation of conventionally and ecologically cultivated vineyards in Lower Franconia recorded two weed associations, the Mercurialetum annuae on limestone and the Thlaspio- Fumarietum officinalis (in an impowerished form) on sand. Mainly the stands of the weed vegetation in the vineyards in both cultivation forms are rather homogenous. Depending on the seasonally different germination of weeds differences on a larger scale exist between the spring and the summer aspects of the weed vegetation than between the conventional and ecological viticulture in the same season. Some spring geophytes being characteristic for the Geranio-Allietum vinealis however are principally limited on vineyards with conventional cultivation. Ecological viticulture, positive for soil protection, drives back these geophytes and cannot contribute for the preservation of these rare and endangered species. Therefore special programs of nature protection are necessary.


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