Einige Überlegungen zur Einwanderung von Bromus erectus HUDS. in Süd-Niedersachsen

The study aims at contributing to the discussion in which way Bromus erectus invaded into southernmost Lower Saxony throughout the 20th century. Basing on the data of distribution, and on the evaluation of the ratio “cover of Bromus erectus/cover of Brachypodium pinnatum” in numerous phytosociological publications, it should be considered that the path of invasion did not lead straightly from S to N. The direction along the Eastern and Northern surrounding of the Harz mountains, and from here southwards through the Leine valley seems more likely. This invasion was mainly released by the strong reduction of grazing by sheep and goats. On the other hand this change in land use favours the growth of shrub vegetation and, thus, reduces the area accessible to Bromus erectus.


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