Managed and Continuous Evolution of Dependable Automotive Software Systems / Andreas Rausch, Oliver Brox, Axel Grewe, Marcel Ibe, Stefanie Jauns-Seyfried, Christoph Knieke, Marco Körner, Steffen Küpper, Malte Mauritz, Henrik Peters, Arthur Strasser, Martin Vogel, Norbert Weiss

Automotive software systems are an essential and innovative part of nowadays connected and automated vehicles. Automotive industry is currently facing the challenge to re-invent the automobile. Consequently, automotive software systems, their software systems architecture, and the way we engineer those kinds of software systems are confronted with major challenges: managing complexity, providing flexibility, and guaranteeing dependability of the desired automotive software systems and the corresponding engineering process. In this paper we will present an improved and sophisticated engineering approach. Our approach is based on the managed and continuous evolution of dependable automotive software systems. It helps engineers to manage system complexity based on continous engineering processes to iteratively evolve automotive software systems and therby guarantee the required dependability issues. Based on a running sample, we will present and illustrate the main assets of the proposed engineering approach for managed and continuous evolution of dependable automotive software systems.


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