Designing Paradise : Rural organic wastewater for biogas production in subtropical and tropical areas, considering landscape ecology and biosystems engineering

In the tropics and semi-tropics, pond systems of the second generation consisting of anaerobic high-rate digesters can significantly contribute to improving the water quality of river basins. If these plants are used to treat wastewater like from pig fattening stables or from municipalities a good treatment efficiency can be obtained at a low construction and operation cost. Furthermore the anaerobic process provides enough energy in the form of methane gas, if converted to electricity, to run the plant selfsufficiently at low CO2 emissions. This is another outstanding advantage when compared to the majority of other treatment options. Remarkably no highly qualified personnel are required to operate the plant. If well designed taking landscape and ecological aspects into account, biotopes of high biodiversity and natural appearance can be created. A very satisfying appearance can be obtained, if concrete is used reluctantly in construction and structures are partly or even completely covered by earth.


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