Flußufer als Untersuchungsobjekte der Geobotanik und der Biogeographie - Versuch eines Fragenkatalogs / Dietmar Brandes

River-banks are presented as investigation subjects for geobotany, vegetation ecology and biogeography. The actual state of the art is discussed, problems and deficits within the investigations are pointed out. A spot-test method for recording the diversity of vegetation in linear systems is shown. At the same time these spot-test methods meet the requirements for long-time monitoring. Methodical problems when mapping the riparian flora are discussed as well as the influence of water pollution and embankments. According to the actual knowledge riverbanks in settlements show high biodiversity. Great attention is payed to dynamics of the riparian flora, especially to spreading phenomena of plant species along river banks. Alterations to the riparian vegetation caused by alien plants are discussed as well as the spreading of C4 species along river-banks. Problems within the synsystematics of riparian plant communities are dealed with as well as the necessity of enhanced investigations with respect to population biology of jkey species. At least genetical implications to ecological respectively spatial isolation of riparian plants are mentioned.


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