Geographischer Vergleich der Stadtvegetation in Mitteleuropa / Dietmar Brandes

For reaching universally valid statements for urban vegetation, investigation of towns in different regions is necessary. By geographical comparisons it is possible to point out analogies as weil as differences. Four comparisons will be discussed here: (1.) Number of adventitious species in towns: (2.) Number of species in towns. As a result of the different demarcations of urban areas there are only few data available. The number of species is - in common - rising both with area and number of inhabitants. (3.) As a «minimal program» the spontaneous flora of old cities is mapped. The first results of 23 towns are discussed. (4.) For a number of towns in Northern central europe the ruderal vegetation is compared. To the common stock of plant communities belong among others Hordeetum murini, Malvetum neglectae, Echio-Melilotetum, Artemisio-Tanacetetum and Lolium perenne-Plantago major-community.


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