Werkstoffbewertung und Konstruktionsanforderung : Festvortrag anläßlich der Gauß-Gedenkfeier in Braunschweig am 30. April 1957

The design of a construction in a new material is a very difficult task, because of the complexities of design requirements, on the one hand, and the peculiar properties of most high strength materials, on the other hand. It is now practically impossible to integrate the three different types of endeavor which lead to a successful design, namely the experimental procurement of design data and laws, their mathematical evaluation, and the utilization of these efforts by the designer. Therefore, a great need exists for specific experimentation aimed at establishing the material behavior under conditions incorporating one or several service variables. Examples of such work, combining service and laboratory tests, are described, which relate to different design efforts, namely: the simulation of service conditions for super-high strength steels by means of the notch tension test; the surface rolling of steel and magnesium and the specific conditions to be maintained, hereby, in order to arrive at maximum strength. The calculation of the service life of turbine buckets, based on stress rupture tests. Modell tests with lead and other low melting metals to arrive at the load-carrying capacity, as well as at forging conditions, for high melting metals.


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