Versuche zur Weiterentwicklung der Kalt-Preßschweißung und Kalt-Preßlötung

Cold-welding of steel can be achieved by putting sheets of softer metals between the two steel pieces so that the sheet material and the steel as well will be deformed. In experiments with aluminium sheets of different thicknesses the best results - tensile strength of the joints 10 to 20 kg/mm^2 - were obtained when applying a thickness of 3 or 4mm. With tin of variable thicknesses a tensile strength of 4 to 8 kg/mm^2 and with copper sheets a value of 14 to 26 kg/mm^2 could be obtained. Our experiments showed that the deformation of the steel was promoted by the interposed softer metal. Fracture occured in the contact zone of the two metals. However thin iron particles were torn off with growing deformation and growing thickness of the sheet material, i.e. aluminium or copper.


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