Experimenteller Beitrag zum Reibungseinfluß auf die Strömung durch ebene Schaufelgitter

In order to clarify the influence of viscosity in cascade problems, two very simple cascade arrangements have been investigated experimentally: 1) a flat plate cascade with an angle of stagger of 45° and inflow direction parallel to the plates, 2) a cascade consisting of circular cylinders with angle of inflow of 45°. The pressure drop across the cascade and the angle of deflection have been measured for different solidity ratios, both being due purely to viscosity effects. For the flat plate cascade the deflection is towards the trailing edge plane, but for the circular cylinder cascade in the opposite direction. For the flat plate cascade there is good agreement of experimental and theoretical results as obtained from boundary layer theory. For the circular cylinder cascade the deflection is caused by asymmetrical separation of the flow, but there is no theory available.


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