Die Fadenwürmer (Nematoda) einiger Salzstellen südöstlich von Braunschweig

The nematodes of four brackish habitats near Braunschweig are determined, with the following ecological and systematic results: 1. Except of two untypic and two problematic species for our habitat all other forms are salt-species or at least are often found in brackish soils (haloresistent soil species). 2. True brackwater-species are strictly limited to salt habitats and thus indicate sensitively even small amounts of salt. 3. Almost all soil and freshwater nematodes fly brackish habitats, only a few ubiquitous salt-resistent species among them are able to live there. 4. Inland salt-habitats are poor in species but may be rich in individuals. 5. Systematically our here discussed inland nematode brackwater fauna is partly of marine origin though no special genera or families are privileged. 6. No true marine species (living in sea-water of more than 20ppm NaCl generally) are to be found in our habitat though the salinity would be sufficient. 7. The different salinity in brackish soils seems to have no influence on the existence of different species of brackwater nematodes but apparently on the ubiquitous haloresistent terrestrial forms. 8. The geographical origin is supposed to be primarily found in other equivalent neighboured inland habitats. 9. The distinct separation of brackish and non-brackish species as shown in our habitat is probably due to different capacity of excretion, osmoregulation and endurance of the Cl-ions. 10. A new genus-Diplolaimelloides is erected; four new species, one new variety and the female of a hitherto only in the male sex known species are described; the description of one variety is completed.


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