Über die Beeinflussung des Lösungsvermögens von Methanol für n-Hexan und verwandte Kohlenwasserstoffe durch Veränderung seines Assoziationszustandes

By addition of small dissolved quantities of a substance Z to methanol, the, critical temperature of solution L.T. of the system methanol/paraffin hydrocarbon is increased ([delta]L.T. positive) or decreased ( [delta]L.T. negative) proportional to the molality Z/methanol. If [delta]L.T. is positive, Z (H20, HCl, C6H5 x NH2) causes an increase of the degree of association, if it is negative, Z (CCl4 , CHCL3, C6H6, C6H5 x CH3, CH3 x CH(OH) x CH3) reduces this degree. The specific decrease of the critical temperature of solution for CCl4 , CHCl3, C6H5 x CH3 diminishes in the same order as the influence of Z decreases the state of association of the alcohol. The measurement of [delta]L.T. can be employed for quantitative analysis of traces of such substances which change the degree of association of methanol.


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