Versuche an gespritzten Metallschichten

Steel was sprayed upon a steel shaft and this cut into cylindric samples. By annealing the discs in hydrogen and in vacuum between 900 and 1200° C, diffusion between the base steel and the coat was observed. By this the adhesive resistance to tension and shear increased. - Two steel discs were sprayed with brass on one side, and one brass side laid upon the other. Then the double samples were pressed in the tensile testing machine of Amsler and the shortening measured by mirror reading. From these measurements, and the analogous ones made upon two steel samples without coating, resulted the elastic and plastic shortening of the layer itself. In a similar manner samples of cast iron, sintered iron and sprayed steel without a basis were examined and the graphs of elastic and plastic compression compared. Sprayed steel showed a brittle rupture like cast iron, the compression tension reaching at least 85 kg/mm^2.


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