Das Problem des Schallschutzes im modernen Wohnungsbau

The use of new building materials and new building methods for reconstruction of housing accomodations in destroyed cities raises the question of sound-insulation to a very important matter, especially in consideration of the density of population and the increasing number of sound producing elements, such as wireless, traffic, etc. The subject of building acoustics still offers many problems which should be solved by close cooperation of scientific research work and practical experience. Latest results in sound-insulation of walls and ceilings, which were obtained in the acoustical department of the "Institut für Baustoffkunde und Materialprüfung der Technischen Hochschule Braunschweig" demonstrate that the subject is being thoroughly worked at. If the great number of existing problems is to be solved in the interest of the building practice as well as in the interest of the population, research on basic conditions must be combined with research for desirable improvements.


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