Drei-, Vier- und Fünf-Grundgrößen-Gleichungen in der Elektrodynamik

The laws of the electromagnetic field are shown in systems with 3, 4 and 5 fundamental quantities. On a system of equations containing 3 fundamental quantities the various modes of treatments introducing electrostatically, electromagnetically and symmetrically defined quantities are discussed in detail and the relations of connexion between these three kinds of quantities and the respective quantities of the system with 4 fundamental quantities are developed and compiled. Moreover, the alternative, rational -;- non-rational, originating in merely geometrical conditions and treated in the preceding paper, is inserted in these relations. The transition from one system to another may be carried out according to the method of variation of quantities and variation of unit; the second method fails in case of transition from the system with 4 fundamental quantities to the symmetrical one with 3 fundamental quantities. General equations are given for the system with 5 fundamental quantities from which equations between numerical values result, if the field constants [eta]0 and [mü]0 and the quantity [...] are disposed of in a certain physical meaning according to unit and numerical value. Making use of the geometrical "corresponding coefficients" at the same time, one may obtain, from this system with 5 fundamental quantities, all required rational or non-rational ways of writing of systems with 5, 4 and 3 fundamental quantities. In addition, some inferences are drawn for the relations between units and numerical values of the electrical and magnetic quantities.


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