Planung landwirtschaftlicher Biogasanlagen nach technisch-wirtschaftlichen Kriterien

Institut für Technologie, FAL
Kloss, Rolf

For the planning of a biogas plant which is adapted from a technological and economical point of view in the best way possible to the respective operational conditions, it is necessary to have, alongside a distinct planning strategy, a compendium and a calculation model. Because the latter both were not available up to now, a compendium was established on the basis of literature data and own experiments and a calculation model was developed using the net present value method. As a result of model observations and of use in practice, the suitability of the compendium and the calculation model could be proven and new knowledge showing the way ahead could be gained. An extension of the application of the model to neighbouring areas, such as for example to the area of the planning of plants for anaerobic treatment of sewage sludge or highly concentrated industrial refuse is, in the light of the similar questions arising, possible /1/.


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