A model as an instrument for determining the optimal layout of biogas plants with regard to technical and economical aspects

Institut für Technologie, FAL
Kloss, Rolf

The aim of this work is to find out the best layout possible for a biogas plant under special concideration of technical and economical aspects. As method to answer this question a model has been created. In order to see the importance of the more than forty in this model implemented parameters they have been variated under practical conditions. The result of this investigation was that parameters as aim of the process, degree and method of gas utilization, related gross energy yield of the substrate fed, retention time, digester insulation, substrate temperature before feeding and the structure of the investment costs have a great influence on the economy of biogas plants. The consequence is, that under the individual conditions of farms in the FRG, a certain chance can be seen, if the plant is optimated, which makes the use of biogas technology promising.


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