Applicability of the analytical compression method for evaluating node capacity

Institut für Eisenbahnwesen und Verkehrssicherung (Braunschweig)
Lindner, Tobias

This paper summarizes the main contents of UIC Code 406 with its compression method. In this context, not only the problems that appear while applying the method are described, but also possibilities to solve them. One concrete example will show a typical timetable situation on a specific infrastructure featuring less node than line capacity. In this case, node capacity determines the maximum capacity of the whole infrastructure. This demonstrates the importance of evaluating the line outside station areas as well as station infrastructure itself. Furthermore, also the necessity of doing capacity evaluations for an infrastructure extract containing a constant number of trains is described. Based on this aspect the paper explains, why the occupancy rate cannot provide a significant parameter for doing node station capacity and that UIC Code 406 method cannot be applied for doing node capacity research.


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