Vorkommen und Vergesellschaftung der Gras-Platterbse Lathyrus nissolia L. im Stadtgebiet von Wolfsburg (Südost-Niedersachsen)

In Northern Germany the grass-vetchling (Lathyrus nissolia L.) is a very rare species. Up to now its phytosociological behaviour in this region has poorly been documented by releves. In the town area of Wolfsburg (southeastern Lower Saxony) Lathyrus nissolia L. was probably introduced by grass seeds and has been known there for about fifteen years. It grows on roadside verges, slopes of roads and fallow building sites. The investigated Stands belong to the Order of the Arrhenatheretalia grassland communities, though containing a considerable number of Artemisietea species. On the other hand Lathyrus nissolia itself and several other annual species reveal a certain degree of disturbance in the described Stands, which possibly is one of the reasons why Lathyrus nissolia was able to build up stable populations in this region over the past 15 years. Other aspects of this question are discussed. Permanent plots have been established in Order to get insight into the population dynamics of the Stands.



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