Dithered Color Quantization

Image quantization and digital halftoning are fundamental problems in computer graphics, which arise when displaying high-color images on non-truecolor devices. Both steps are generally performed sequentially and, in most cases, independent of each other. Color quantization with a pixel-wise defined distortion measure and the dithering process with its local neighborhood optimize different quality criteria or, frequently, follow a heuristic without reference to any quality measure. In this paper we propose a new method to simultaneously quantize and dither color images. The method is based on a rigorous cost–function approach which optimizes a quality criterion derived from a generic model of human perception. A highly efficient algorithm for optimization based on a multiscale method is developed for the dithered color quantization cost function. The quality criterion and the optimization algorithms are evaluated on a representative set of artificial and real–world images as well as on a collection of icons. A significant image quality improvement is observed compared to standard color reduction approaches.



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