‚ÄčInstitut für Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur und Stadt (GTAS)

We are dedicated to the investigation, analysis and documentation of the politoeconomical frameworks and ethical demands for architecture and architects in the context of a new civil society. We understand the making-visible of decision-making structures as well as the recognition of interdependencies between such systems as an essential if not indispensable instrument for a negotiable, transformative and emancipatory production of space. This is important as other ways of doing become thinkable only when questions about privilege, interests or power are exposed and their layers revealed. We believe, that the much-demand­ed right to the city, for example, can only be realised if and when the very systems that produce architectural projects and objects become the focus of investigation.

This critical-reflexive point of departure is anchored in our teaching and research through the exploration of historical lines of flight and is situated further within interdisciplinary discussions and trans-local concerns so that contemporary issues — migra­tion, the housing question, climate change or agency — become framed and embedded in wider debates. With this approach, we are positioning ourselves against the modernist fragmentation and abstraction of knowledge. Instead, we are concerned with the making-understandable the complex machines or apparatuses involved in the making of space as well as the configuration of other trajectories and imaginaries.

Unsere Arbeit am Institut für Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur und Stadt (GTAS) steht im Zeichen des Klimanotstands. In diesem Kontext widmen wir uns der Erforschung, Analyse und Dokumentation der wirtschaftspolitischen Rahmenbedingungen und ethischen Anforderungen an die Produktion von Raum im weitesten Sinne. Wir hinterfragen Privilegien, Macht, Disziplinen, Apparate, Institutionen und etablieren Momente, in denen neue Systeme, Imaginarien und Zukünfte entstehen können.
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